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Scotty on the Spot Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services opened in May of 2013. Scott Christensen decided to open Scotty on the Spot Sewer & Drain to provide fast, fair and high-quality service to mid-Missouri customers.”Having worked in the sewer and drain cleaning industry for over 25 years, I take great pride and personal satisfaction in meeting my customers needs and providing options to solve their plumbing and drain cleaning problems. My goal is to provide quality service to each Scotty On The Spot customer.”


Many people ask me, why do I have a dog on my logo? The answer is one of the happiest stories of my career. A tenant called with a tragic problem. He had moved a mother dog with a litter of puppies to his unfinished basement due to the excessive heat of the summer. When he went to check on the pups, he noticed that one was missing. The open floor drain gave a clue as to where the newborn pup had wandered. She was just a few weeks old, and her eyes were not even open. By the time I was called to the scene with my camera, she had been in the pipe for over 8 hours. I ran my camera, and found no sign of the missing puppy.I am a hardcore animal lover and was not about to give up. I went to the unfinished area of the basement. After knocking on some of the plumbing that descended into the ground, I finally heard the whimper of a puppy! I dug into the dirt floor, accessed the pipe, and subsequently retrieved a tiny, very dirty, very tired and unbelievably hungry puppy. After talking to the tenant, I kept track of her progress, and when she was old enough, she became my Nika. She is the best story to ever come of a drain cleaning job, and the best friend a guy could have. She is, and always will be part of my Logo.

Watch the Video of Nika’s Story

Sadly, I need to add a postscript to Nika’s story. She died in February of 2017 after a long battle with kidney failure. She left us with so many happy memories her smile and her wag were infectious. We miss her. Love your furry family and think a happy thought of Nika or give a donation to your favorite animal charity to help care for those that do not have a forever home.